What You Need to Know About Hydraulic Oil of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

How to Choose Hydraulic Oil

1. Good antioxidant stability. Anti-oxidation stability refers to the ability of the oil to resist chemical reactions with oxygenates when the temperature rises. The practice has shown that for every 10°C increase in oil temperature, the chemical reaction speed is about doubled. The shearing machine hydraulic oil with good anti-oxidation stability is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate after long-term use, which can ensure the normal circulation of hydraulic oil.


2. The hydraulic oil of the shearing machine must have good wear resistance and lubricity. The purpose is to reduce mechanical friction and ensure the service life of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine.

3. Maintain proper viscosity. The specific use depends on the working pressure of the hydraulic system of the shearing machine, the working temperature, and the movement speed of the actuator. High viscosity should be selected for high pressure and high temperature, and low viscosity should be selected for high-speed movement.

4. Good shear stability. In order to improve the viscosity index of the oil, high molecular polymers such as polymethacrylate and polyisobutylene are often added to the oil. These substances have long molecular chains, and the oil is subjected to great shear when it flows through the slits of the hydraulic components. The effect will often cause the molecular chain to break and the viscosity-temperature characteristics of the oil to decrease. The frequent reversing of the reversing valve and the throttling of the throttling element during the operation of the shearing machine requires the hydraulic oil to have strong shear resistance.

5. Good viscosity-temperature properties. Viscosity-temperature refers to the extent to which oil viscosity rises and falls with temperature, and is usually expressed by the viscosity index.

Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oil

6. Good anti-foaming properties. Anti-emulsification refers to the ability of oil mixed with water to become an emulsion after stirring, and the ability of water to be separated from it. Anti-foaming property refers to the ability of the oil to be mixed with air and stirred to form an emulsion, and the bubbles to be separated from the oil. After mixing with water or air, the volume modulus of the oil is reduced, the compressibility is increased, and the hydraulic components of the shearing machine move slowly, and are prone to shock and vibration.

How to Keep Hydraulic Oil Clean

1. Keep the system clean and change the oil and filter regularly. A good hydraulic fluid contains a variety of additives that keep the oil from going bad or clogging system parts. However, these additives lose their effectiveness after a period of time. The oil should therefore be changed regularly to ensure that the additives do their job. Filters can only absorb a limited number of dirt particles and other impurities from the oil. Change the filter at the recommended intervals to keep the system clean.

Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

2. Keep the hydraulic oil clean. Store the oil in a clean place, and be careful when changing the oil or adding oil. Only use a clean funnel fitted with a fine mesh strainer to pour oil from the container into the tank. Of course, the oil you use must be the type recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

3. Keep the work area clean. When filling or refilling the tank, make sure the area around the filter box cover is clean. Use only clean oil and a funnel or container. Never bring dirt into the system – only clean oil. When maintaining the hydraulic system, use only clean plastic bulkheads to seal the ends of the lines. When maintaining hydraulic components, the workbench must be absolutely clean. Check the condition of the tools used.

Five Failure Causes of Hydraulique Cylindre de cisaille

1. The oil supply of the mechanical hydraulic pump is insufficient: because the internal parts of the hydraulic pump are worn out, the volumetric efficiency of the pump will decrease, the load of the oil cylinder will increase, and the internal leakage will increase as the working pressure increases. not reach the specified value.

Oil Pump
Oil Pump

2. The connection between the hydraulic cylinder of the machine and the load: If the connection of the load is not accurate, the speed of the cylinder will slow down when it moves.

3. There are problems in the layout of the hydraulic cylinder: the end face of the piston is closely attached to the end face of the cylinder barrel. When starting, the bearing area of the piston is not enough, so the load cannot be pushed, which causes the speed of the hydraulic shearing machine cylinder to slow down when moving.

4. The machine fluid flow valve is faulty: if the overflow valve spool is stuck in the open position, a large amount of oil will overflow from the overflow valve back to the fuel tank, which will reduce the flow into the oil cylinder and cause under speed.

5. The accumulator volume of the hydraulic shearing machine is small or the inflation pressure is low.

Vanne hydraulique
Vanne hydraulique

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