Safety operating rules for shearing machine

1. Before using the hydraulic shearing machine, read the “Instruction Manual” carefully, and then check the circuit, oil circuit, the distance between the knife edge, the tightness of the screws and nuts of the main key parts, especially the safety and safety around the shearing machine. All protective facilities are complete and other conditions, and if problems are found, they will be investigated and resolved in time.

2. When the shearing machine is in use, it should run for 1-3 minutes without load. It is forbidden for two people to cut multiple plates together. Processing can only be performed after the machine is operating normally.

3. It is strictly forbidden to reach under the presser foot when feeding the board, and keep the fingers away from the knife edge more than 200mm when connecting the board.

4. Do not extend your hands and tools into the shearing machine when cutting to prevent safety accidents.

5. The thickness of the steel plate shall not exceed the effective range specified by the shearing machine to prevent accidents caused by damage to the machine tool and blades.

6. When cutting narrow plate materials, a thicker steel plate should be pressed on the sheared plate so that the vertical presser foot can press down the sheared plate firmly.

7. Adjust the gap between the upper and lower blades according to the thickness of the shearing material. The blade gap should not exceed 5% of the thickness of the plate, and it should not exceed 7% for oblique cutting. After adjustment, perform a no-load running test and confirm that the plate is correct.

8. The cutting edge of the blade should be kept sharp, and the cutting edge should be blunt or damaged. It should be sharpened or replaced immediately.

9. When feeding the material, place it upright, straight and steady, and keep your fingers away from the knife edge and presser foot.

10. When the shearing machine is in use, if there is any abnormal noise or abnormal phenomenon, it should be shut down immediately for inspection and deal with it in time.

11. After the steel plate is cut, the machine should be stopped before the steel plate is taken from the back of the shearing machine, and the power supply should be disconnected to prevent injury or death caused by the operation of the back gauge connecting shaft or the shearing machine movement.

12. After cutting the board, disconnect the power supply and lock the power supply box.

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