Shearing Machine

The Working Principle of CNC Swing Beam Shearing Machine

The CNC swing beam shearing machine uses the movable upper blade and the fixed lower blade, and uses a reasonable blade gap to apply shearing force to the metal plates of different thicknesses, so that the steel plates are broken and separated according to the required size. Shearing machines are often used to cut straight-edged blanks. In order to obtain high-quality workpieces, the shearing process should ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shearing surface, and minimize the deformation of the plate.

The upper blade is fixed on the tool holder, the lower blade is fixed on the working table, and the support ball is installed on the bed surface to facilitate sheet metal feeding and movement. The back baffle is used for sheet metal positioning, and the position is adjusted by an adjustment pin. The hydraulic cylinder is used to tighten the metal sheet to prevent it from turning over during the cutting process. Shelter is a safety device to prevent industrial accidents.

  • Adjust the front baffle.

Press the back baffle on the blade, then press the template on the back baffle, press the front baffle against the template and fix it. Loosen the back plate, remove the template, load the sheet metal, and cut.

  • Adjust the rear baffle.

Align the template with the knife edge, then put the back plate close to the template and fix it, take out the template, and install the sheet metal for cutting.

  • Adjust the corner baffle.

First put the template on the table to align the knife edge, adjust the angle baffle and fix it, then adjust the back baffle according to the template, and use both the angle baffle and the back baffle for positioning during the cutting process.

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